L'nui'sultinej na tesipunqek mawita'mk wjit Mi'kmaq Kisna ta'n pasik wen ta'n ketu' kinu'tmasit l'nui'sin kwlaman kisi klo'tesnu ksitunnu iapjiw. Ula mawita'mk wjit msit wen aqq ta'n pasik wen wlta'sualaten.

L'nui'sultinej is an annual conference which brings together Mi'kmaq people from across the Mi'kmaq Nation to look at education issues related to language preservation, enhancement and revitalization. It is a conference for parents youth, elders, community members, educators, administrators, counselors and researchers. We welcome all Mi'kmaq into the circle whatever their level of language proficiency.


This year's L'nui'sultinej Conference will be held at the Allison Bernard Memorial High School in Eskasoni First Nation.

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